Partnership with Life Bridge

Life Bridge is a counselling and psychology services provider that helps people in finding hope, identity and purpose. At its own in-house clinic facility Life Bridge offers a variety of services including psychology, counselling, community workshops, group therapy, clinical supervision and professional development. Since its establishment in 2004 Life Bridge has built a reputation as a quality mental health and counselling services provider on the Sunshine Coast and regionally via online platforms offering assistance with relationships, depression, anxiety, substance abuse issues, trauma, PTSD, anger management, workplace conflicts, spiritual issues, pain management, grief and loss, parenting, stress management, and self-esteem as well as many other issues.

Information on Life Bridge and their services can be found at the following link to their website:

Partnership with The Career Development Centre

Seed Skills is an innovative registered training organisation who recognises that, whilst technical skills and qualifications will continue to lay the foundation for workers in this industry, they must be enhanced with with strong social, creative and collaboration skills. The Career Development Centre is proud to be collaborating with Seed Skills in the development of training programs that meet and exceed the needs of the 21st century.

The Career Development Centre provides high quality career education that builds resilient individuals and teams who can adapt to the ever evolving nature of work.

More information on The Career Development Centre and its services can be found at

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