Why Us?

Industry Expert Trainers based in Australia

We pride ourselves on delivering real-world skills that are relevant to your industry and organisation. Our quality learning content is designed and delivered by Australian industry experienced trainers and assessors who liaise with practitioners working in the field. This means that your training is highly relevant and reflects current industry practices.

Access to quality content and trainers is the key difference between graduating with a piece of paper and not much else, versus graduating with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.

Blended learning options

We appreciate most of our students lead busy lives with competing demands on their time. We also understand that individuals learn in different ways and are looking for different things from their study journeys. That is why we offer flexible learning options to try and accommodate your personal needs and situations.


We are a niche education provider focusing on two key areas: Residential Care and Leadership and Management. We only play where we have a strong history, a depth of competent and experienced trainers, great content written by real industry experts and strong partnerships with industry.

Our “sum of our parts” philosophy supports partnering, enabling access to specific expertise and content, and offer quality training solutions.

Tailored Enterprise Solutions

We offer professional development and nationally recognised corporate training programs designed to provide business teams with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to prosper.

Potential benefits for your business

  • Customisable learning content to suit all your organisation’s needs
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Invigorate and engage your teams
  • Succession planning through strategic skills, planning and training
  • Elimination and management of knowledge and competence gaps
  • CPD for industry compliance and continuous improvement

Ready to get started on your goals?