RPL – Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention

This qualification is now superseded by a replacement version. All delivery, assessment, and certification issuance for all students will finish by 31/07/2024.

Recognition of Prior Learning means that if you’ve lived it or learnt it, you may have already earnt it.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that allows the competencies you already possess to be recognised, regardless of how you obtained them. These might include skills you picked up on the job or from other life experiences that do not necessarily include formal training.

Collecting evidence can be a daunting experience for students in establishing competency against a unit. The National Register on Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia is located at training.gov.au and displays every unit of competency, their elements, performance criteria and underpinning knowledge all summarised for ease of use.

Evidence which you supply must be;

Authentic – must be yours
Sufficient – must be enough to prove competence
Current – must be relevant as at today and can be 2-5 years
Valid – must relate to the unit

Units of Competency

This qualification is comprised of 16 nationally accredited units of competency, which contribute to valid, industry-supported vocational outcomes. These 16 units comprise of:

  • 10 core units, and
  • 6 elective units
Unit Type Units of Competency
Core CHCPRT001  – Identify and respond to children and young people at risk
CHCCCS006  – Facilitate individual service planning and delivery
CHCCOM002  – Use communication to build relationships
CHCDEV001  – Confirm client developmental status
CHCDIV001  – Work with diverse people
CHCLEG001  – Work legally and ethically
CHCPRT003  – Work collaboratively to maintain an environment safe for children and young people
CHCPRT005  – Work within a practice framework
HLTWHS001  – Participate in workplace health and safety
CHCDIV002  – Promote Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
Electives CHCCCS009 – Facilitate responsible behaviour
CHCPRT009  – Provide primary residential care
CHCCCS016  – Respond to clients needs
CHCCOM003  – Develop workplace communication strategies
CHCMHS001  – Work with people with mental health issues
CHCMHS007  – Work effectively in trauma informed care

Timeframes for Completion

It is expected that the RPL process will take up to 6-12 months to complete.

Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for RPL, candidates must be currently employed by Safe Places for Children:

  • for at least 1 year in roles where they are working directly in youth and family intervention, out of home care, family support and/or early intervention; or
  • have 2 years previous experience in the same or similar role/s with other residential care providers.

Types of Assessments

For RPL, you will need to submit samples of work, references, testimonials and other evidence that proves you can do what you can say you can do. Also, this evidence must show that your skills and knowledge are still current, and you are able to do these things now. With RPL applications you will be asked to prepare and submit a portfolio of your evidence.

Evidence may be direct or indirect.

Direct or primary evidence could include items of your own work, such as:

  • Certificate/qualifications (certified and must be validated)
  • Schedules rosters/payslips
  • Sample of work, projects or workplace records or forms,
  • Photos or videos of work
  • Work you have developed yourself

Indirect or secondary evidence could include:

  • Resume
  • Job description/position
  • Performance review
  • Emails, memos, letters
  • Org procedures /charts/checklists
  • Minutes
  • References
  • Statutory declarations


RPL costs vary depending on how many units you wish to RPL for and if gap training is required. Our latest fee schedule is available on Policies and Forms page.

The costs for RPL involve:

  1. a non-refundable application fee which is paid in advance or upon commencement unless a pre-approved Payment Plan is in place
  2. an RPL processing fee payable upon review of Application and pre-enrolment interview, and where RPL has been recommended by an Assessor
  3. a per unit fee payable upon submission of each portfolio of evidence for review

The RPL Process

  1. Request a copy of our free RPL eligibility application by submitting an enquiry to info@seedskills.edu.au – Find out if you’re eligible for RPL by using our eligibility application to reflect on your skills and experiences.
  2. Submit your competed eligibility application and your resume – We will review your selected units and your background and let you know whether you are suitable for RPL.
  3. Enrol – If we believe that you are suitable for RPL, we will provide you with a quote (if your fees will not be paid for by your employer) invite you to enrol.
  4. Portfolio of Evidence – Your assessor will contact you and provide you with a tailored list of workplace evidence for you to provide. All evidence must be current (2 years old at most).
  5. Competency Interviews – Your assessor will arrange a mutually convenient time to verbally assess your knowledge and experience for each unit you have enrolled to RPL for.
  6. Follow-up Evidence – We will send you a list of any follow-up evidence items discussed during the RPL interview, or to clarify any of the evidence you have already provided.
  7. Receive your Qualification – We issue you with your Certificate or Statement of Attainment for the units you successfully complete.

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