Message from the National RTO Manager

As the National RTO Manager, I am very honoured to represent Seed Skills as an emerging provider of high quality vocational education and training that focuses of the learning journey of our students and the evolving needs to industry.

My passion for life-long learning, coupled with the drive to nurture those overcoming adversity has driven my career path over the last 20 years. An experienced business manager and professional educator in the Community Services Sector along with a strong reputation in the counselling and life coaching sector has ensured l have a strong focus on the student learning journey and the evolving needs of the industry.

At Seed Skills our team remains committed to delivering high quality training for each and every student.

- Leanne O'Shea

The community services and residential care sector enables you to really make a difference in the social and emotional well-being of others. To achieve this, you need reliable skills and expertise to provide guidance and support to those at cross-bridges in their lives or eager to make better choices to shape a more positive future.

Residential care workers are often are the link to breaking the negative cycles that often encompass those either needing or trying to change. Properly trained youth support workers are more than just services providers for clients, they can be a symbol of hope and a role model for what life ‘could’ be. You have the potential to support those from less fortunate beginnings in life to build a sense of purpose or direction in a young person.

The key to making this a reality is ensuring you get access to learning programs that reflect what is happening in the industry and genuinely assist you in navigating the challenges that you face. Our programs of study do just that!

Our qualifications, that are Nationally Recognised and are supported by an industry consultation process to provide you with the most modern and up to date learning environment. We have designed programs which are contemporary, vibrant and will maximise your potential for success.

I welcome the opportunity to connect with you and your organisation to see how we can support your educational needs.

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